Urinary incontinence is often thought of as an issue that only affects males, but in reality many women struggle to navigate life with this condition. In this day and age there are a vast array of products available to help women manage their urinary incontinence effectively. Here are a few products to consider:

Washable Underwear: Brands like ProtechDry have created a line of stylish and absorbent underwear that captures leaks and drips with this effective three-layer design. The high-tech fabric discourages bacteria growth and also features an anti-odor system. It’s washable for reuse and looks identical to regular underwear, so it’s also very discreet.

Pelvic Training Programs and Devices: Urinary Incontinence is often caused by a weakening of the muscles surrounding the pelvic floor. Building up these muscles through regular exercise can help deter leaks and counteract urinary incontinence.

There many different exercise programs available. Many include supplementary devices that help increase the effectiveness of traditional exercises like Kegels. Programs like Vibrance and Apex M use a combination of resistance training and posture exercises to firm up the muscles. To make the most of these tools, it is essential that exercises are performed regularly and correctly. Instructional videos and guides are included to help the user derive the optimal use of the programs. This solution requires a time commitment and hard work to be effective.

The biggest benefit of the pelvic training programs is that they offer a natural solution that focuses on maintaining the body’s strength and health. An additional benefit is that these exercises are often also helpful for treating issues with sexual dysfunction.

Many women choose to use multiple urinary incontinence solutions together. The underwear, for instance, can be used with the training programs while you wait for the muscles to achieve the desired firmness. Consult your doctor to find out if any of these solutions will work for you. When you shop at Urology Health Store there are often discounts and promos available on our urinary incontinence, so when you’re ready, feel free to explore your options with us.